2019 Provincial Election Result

Publish date: Wednesday, September 11, 2019

MNU President

Politics & Government

Put Patients First

On behalf of Manitoba's Nurses, I offer congratulations to Brian Pallister and the PC Party of Manitoba for winning a majority government. Moving forward, we hope the government will work with nurses to address the ongoing issues in our health care system and improve the current relationship with all frontline health care professionals.

I want to thank all the candidates from every political party that put their names forward and shared their ideas for improving health care. Health care was a major issue in this election, and nurses paid close attention to the promises made by every party.

Staffing shortages, increasing workload and excessive overtime have negative consequences for patients and nurses alike. These remain key issues for nurses across the province, and we will continue to advocate at every opportunity. We hope the government will work with us to implement evidence-based measures that will help retain and recruit more nurses in Manitoba, including phasing in legislation to ban mandatory overtime which would provide accountability and incentive to fill nursing vacancies and expand baseline staffing for the betterment of patient care.

- Darlene Jackson, MNU President


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