Message from the President: 2020 AGM cancelled

Publish date: Thursday, March 19, 2020


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Dear members,

Last week, I advised that the 2020 MNU Annual General Meeting would be cancelled and that we were exploring moving essential business items to an online platform on the afternoon of April 28.

Yesterday, following careful discussion and deliberation, the MNU Board of Directors unanimously agreed to cancel the 2020 MNU AGM altogether.

IMPORTANT: If you have already submitted a request for union leave to your employer, you must submit a request to cancel this leave as soon as possible. Please contact your Labour Relations Officer or Union Representative if you experience any difficulty cancelling your leave.

This was a difficult decision, and we recognize that this step is unprecedented for our organization. I assure you that our rationale is rooted in doing what’s best for our members and patients during this critical time.  

As our collective efforts to ‘flatten the curve’ continue, our health care system is still likely to experience tremendous stress in the coming weeks. Likewise, we want to ensure that nurses can focus on the people who need them most—their patients and their families.

Complicating matters, the logistics of organizing an effective online meeting for over 250 nurses, on short notice and in the midst of a global pandemic, are extremely challenging. Furthermore, we are anticipating that many nurses will have difficulty getting union leave, and that even those who do may not feel comfortable stepping away from their patients or families during that time.

As such, in consultation with a Professional Registered Parliamentarian, the Board has made the determination that, on an interim basis, the board can deal with the most urgent issues that would normally go to AGM, in order to continue the work required by MNU and its members.

All decisions undertaken by the board will remain in effect until the next AGM in 2021, at which time they can be ratified, amended or rejected by voting delegates. Decisions undertaken by the Board will be compiled and shared with all members in the upcoming 2019 Annual Report.

I want to reiterate that we do not take this step lightly. MNU is and will remain a proudly open and democratic organization, run by nurses, for nurses. Rest assured we will return to normal practices as soon as the pandemic has passed.

For reference, a copy of the resolution passed by the Board is attached below.

We thank you for your continued understanding and support during this difficult time.

In solidarity,

Darlene Jackson
MNU President

2020 AGM Cancellation Resolution


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