HSC Working Conditions Update

Publish date: Tuesday, January 14, 2020

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As many members are now aware, MNU is actively considering greylisting the Health Sciences Centre.

Greylisting is a tool by which MNU advises nurses that "the employer is failing to maintain appropriate conditions of employment/professional standards" (see full description from MNU Handbook, login required). The option to greylist is a serious and rare measure undertaken only when all other options have been exhausted.
We recognize that the situation at HSC is reflective of the problems members are experiencing province-wide. Consolidation has created major issues that require serious attention from the employer at HSC, and from employers throughout the province. MNU continues to advocate for our members across Manitoba and we encourage those with concerns to continue to bring them forward to MNU LROs and/or Local/Worksite executives.

In recent days, HSC has brought forward new initiatives to address some of the concerns we’ve been raising. We are watching closely to see if they deliver on these commitments in the coming days and weeks. We must see real action. If the employer and this government fail to address our concerns, MNU will greylist HSC.

We will continue to keep members informed as this situation evolves. We thank you for your ongoing support during this difficult time.


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