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The Pallister government has refused to bargain with MNU or any public sector union since it passed Bill 28 ('The Public Services Sustainability Act') in 2017, which imposes a wage cap on all new contracts for the first two years, followed by a 0.75 increase in the third year and one per cent in the fourth year.

This bill circumvents collective bargaining, and is being challenged by The Partnership to Defend Public Services, a coalition of public sector unions including MNU that is being coordinated by the Manitoba Federation of Labour. The case will be heard in the Court of Queen's Bench from November 18 to December 5, 2019. Oral arguments will resume in February 2020. 

These circumstances are not unique to MNU. The Pallister government has refused to bargain with most health care unions. In the meantime, MNU will continue to advocate for our members and the right to a fair collective bargaining process. 

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For the next round of Central Table Bargaining, MNU members have elected bargaining committee representatives from each region of the province. Hospitals in Winnipeg also have representatives on the committee.

The committee is chaired by MNU President Darlene Jackson. She is an experienced negotiator; as the former representative for the Northern Region, she participated in 9 rounds of provincial bargaining and servied as vice-chairperson of the PCBC. Jackson also served as a Board member for the Northern Region, and served as MNU Secretary-Treasurer from 2016-2018. 

The MNU Bargaining Team

Carrie Holland

Carrie also serves on MNU's Board of Directors and on the Provincial Finance Committee. She has worked as a nurse in Mantioba since 2006, currently in Public Health.

Renate McGowan

Renate is the current president of the Southern Region and has served as president of local #101, Bethesda Hospital, for eight years. This is Renate’s fourth time sitting on the PCBC.

Karen Taylor

Karen is the Client Care Coordinator at the Boissevain Health Centre, worksite #71 and has served on five previous bargaining committees.

Beryl Dziedzic

Beryl has been involved with the union for almost 30 years and is currently the vice-president of Lakeshore Nurses worksite #65.

Karen Sadler

Karen began her union activism in 1991, serving as unit rep. She has been the president of St. Boniface Nurses local#5 since 2011.

Dawna Marie Bieniarz

Dawna was acclaimed in October 2018. This will be her first term on the PCBC.

Julie Lackner

For the past two years, Julie has served as president of Home Care Worksite #97 and is also the regional vice-president and board member, representing the Winnipeg Community and Health Care Region.

Cindy Hunter

Cindy has served as a board member for more than 20 years and has been the region’s PCBC representative for every round of negotiations since 1991.

Christina Woodcock

Christina was elected in March 2019, and is her first term on the PCBC.

Wanda Zolinski

Wanda has been active in the union for more than 35 years. She is the current president of local #4 and has represented her region in the last three rounds of bargaining.

Jose Solitana

Jose has been an active union member for more than 10 years and has served as president of Holy Family Home since 2010.

Dana Orr

Dana has been involved with the union for almost 20 years, beginning at the local level as a member at large.  She is currently the board representative for local 1A, Riverview and local #3 Misericordia.

Karen Cannell-Jamieson

Karen is a member of the Grace Hospital’s local executive and is the current board representative for the Grace/Victoria Hospitals. This is her first time on the PCBC.

Brenda Thomas

Brenda has been an active union member for close to 40 years and has held various roles such as ward rep, grievance committee rep, member of union management committee and more.

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