Bargaining Certification Update

Publish date: Tuesday, November 19, 2019


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Dear members,

MNU has now beenĀ advised by the Bill 29 Commissioner that bargaining certificates will be issued next month (December 2019). As previously reported, MNU requires certification in order to be legally allowed to represent new members that are joining the union as a result of the recent representation votes.

This process was delayed following the vote due to proposed language changes to the certificates. This matter was finally resolved, and MNU will now be in a position to legally represent the new members before the New Year.

  • Certificates for ruralĀ regions will be issued with an effective date of December 8, 2019.
  • Certificates for the WRHA and Shared Health will be issued with an effective date of December 13, 2019.

To all of the new members joining our union, we appreciate your patience and understanding as this process unfolds. MNU is excited to welcome to our nursing family next month! Stay tuned for more news and information in the weeks ahead.


Darlene Jackson
Manitoba Nurses Union


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