Bargaining Update - Fall 2019

Publish date: Monday, November 04, 2019


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Following the results of union representation voting in August, MNU immediately resumed preparations for bargaining the next collective agreement. On September 6, the Provincial Collective Bargaining Committee (PCBC) met in Winnipeg to review the existing proposals – which were developed through extensive consultations with MNU members prior to March 2017 – and to develop a timeline moving forward. Although the Pallister government has not indicated when it intends to bargain, MNU is working to ensure every effort is made to move the process forward.

As previously reported, although the last collective agreement expired in March 2017, the terms continue to apply in full force until the next one is negotiated and approved by the union and employer.

Below are answers to questions that members have raised this fall:

Key Takeaways

MNU understands members are frustrated by the government’s refusal to come to the bargaining table. Too much time has passed since the last collective agreement expired, and the union continues to raise members’ disappointment at every opportunity with senior officials and the Health Minister. In the meantime, MNU is resuming internal preparations including membership consultation. The immediate focus is to finalize the bargaining certificates that will allow MNU to legally represent the new members joining the union as a result of the representation votes. Although the timeline is largely dependent on extraneous factors beyond MNU’s control, members are assured that every necessary step is being taken to ensure bargaining begins as soon as possible.


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