Become a Member

Become a Member

When you join the Manitoba Nurses Union, you're uniting with more than 12,000 Manitoba nurses. And you become part of an independent professional voice for nursing in our province: working for better working conditions, professional status, education and legislation.

You'll stay up to date on the very latest news affecting your work, whether it's changes in provincial laws and regulation, or progress on a crucial issue like workloads or workplace safety. You'll have the protection of a negotiated contract with good wages, benefits and working conditions – along with a strong union to back you up.

Our commitment goes beyond working conditions. Joining the Union means better patient care, as we advocate for the conditions that allow us to do our very best work. And because we're both dedicated nurses and active union members, defending our members' interests and rights not only doesn't compromise our professional responsibilities – it strengthens them.

There are two kinds of MNU members:

  • Regular Members: Currently working as a nurse in Manitoba? Find out about regular membership in the Union!
  • Affiliate/Retired Members: Are you a former MNU regular member? You can become an affiliate member, free of charge.

Regular Membership

You become a Regular Member automatically when you begin work in a position covered by an MNU collective agreement. Regular membership is open to anyone who:

  • is a Registered Nurse, Registered Psychiatric Nurse, Licenced Practical Nurse, or Nurse Practitioner, and
  • is an employee within the meaning of the Labour Relations Act of Manitoba or the Canada Labour Relations Act.

Most of our members are nurses, but our constitution provides for others working in the health care field to join as well. In 1980, several locals welcomed Operating Room Technicians into the union.

For more information on joining the Manitoba Nurses Union Regular Membership, please contact us.

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Affiliate Membership

If you're a former member of the Manitoba Nurses Union, you can join as an affiliate member at no cost. So long as you are no longer working under an MNU collective agreement, and aren't currently employed in an excluded position at any MNU worksite, you're eligible!

As an Affiliate Member, you'll be able to participate as an observer at Board Meetings and the Annual General Meeting. You'll receive our news magazine, and be eligible for our discount program.

It's a great way to stay connected with the Union, and with working and retired nurses across Manitoba.

Join today!

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Affiliate Membership Application

What was your most recent nursing classification?


I hearby make application to be an Affiliate member of the Manitoba Nurses Union. I agree to be bound by the Constitution and By-Laws o fthe Manitoba Nurses Union. I am aware that this membership is renewable on a bi-annual basis. I am further aware that Privacy laws apply and my information will be available only to Manitoba Nurses Union staf and/or service providers, for the distribution of information from the Manitoba Nurses Union or research related to services and information provided by the Manitoba Nurses Union.




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