Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The organization is structured to assure accountability to the general membership. The MNU's 20-member Board of Directors, headed by an elected full-time president, is the governing body responsible for managing the union's business. Board members are elected by membership to represent each of the union's regions and the locals/worksites in those regions. They serve as a two-way communication link between its members and the Board


President — Sandi Mowat

Sandi Mowat, RN, is the president of the 12,000 member Manitoba Nurses Union, representing all nursing designations in the province.

Sandi is an experienced negotiator and has represented MNU on many committees including the ER task force, the Long Term Care committee, the Regional Nursing Advisory Committee and the Pension task force.

Over the years, she has worked to protect pensions and was instrumental in achieving a jointly funded COLA fund for all health care workers.

She successfully lobbied the provincial government to improve health and safety legislation, resulting in strengthened abuse free regulations supported by the protection and enforcement of provincial law. See her full bio here.


Vice-President — Donna McKenzie

Secretary-Treasurer — Darlene Jackson

Board Members

Prairie Mountain Health Region

Mike Yablonski

Karen Taylor

Val Wotton


Southern Region

Deanna Douglas

Tracy Bassa

Northern Region

Carrie Holland

Amber Mitchell

Interlake - Eastern Region

Kathy Nicholson



Winnipeg Community and Health Care Region

Julie Lackner

Winnipeg Long Term Care Region

Karen Tessier

Winnipeg Hospital Region

Health Sciences Centre

Cheryl Lange

Kim Fraser

Grace General Hospital/Victoria Hospital

Karen Cannell-Jamieson

St. Boniface Hospital

Liz Cronk

Kathleen Hillstrom


Riverview Health Centre/ Misericordia

Dana Orr

Seven Oaks General Hospital/ Concordia Hospital

Colleen Johanson

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