Media Statement: MNU President Darlene Jackson Responds to CancerCare Site Closures

Publish date: Saturday, September 05, 2020


MNU President

Politics & Government

The following media statement from MNU President Darlene Jackson was distributed on September 5, 2020

“Nurses are deeply concerned about the announced CancerCare site closures. This will not only affect CancerCare staff, including several nurses at the Concordia and Seven Oaks hospitals, but also the patients from the surrounding catchment areas, including rural communities. Protecting CancerCare services at these community hospitals is important for ensuring accessibility, improving care, and reducing burdens for CancerCare patients. Nurses at these facilities develop close relationships with patients and their loved ones, and understand the importance of providing care for patients in or near their communities in localized settings. Unfortunately, the Pallister government appears to be rushing through further consolidation in the WRHA in the midst of a global pandemic, when many patients are already experiencing heightened stress while accessing health care services. Yet again, this move appears to be more about saving money, rather than what’s in the best interest of patients.”

-MNU President Darlene Jackson


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