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“As professionals who practice at the intersection of public policy and private lives, nurses are ideally situated and morally obligated to include political advocacy and efforts to influence public policy in their practice.” – Adeline Falk-Rafael

Members are our strength

As the provincial government continues its program of cuts and changes to health care, Manitoba’s nurses are standing up to make their voices heard.

Advocacy and the nursing profession are a natural fit. Nurses are trusted professionals with real frontline experience that can play a vital role in shaping public policy and determining political outcomes.

Balancing the books on the backs of patients and nurses isn’t going to improve outcomes. Nurses believe in a strong public health care system that is effective, efficient and accessible for all Manitobans, regardless of where they live or their income.

That's why nurses are calling on the provincial government to stop the cuts and put patients first.

MNU is a member-driven organization. Member engagement and involvement is critical to making positive change.

Get involved in MNU’s membership engagement and advocacy efforts in the following ways. Check back regularly for more news and information.

Six Ways to Make a Difference

1. Stay Connected

Do you receive The Pulse? It's MNU's weekly email newsletters, where we share the latest updates from across the province. To receive it, you just have to provide us with your email! Login to the Member Portal here and update your information or email our Membership Department. We email members directly whenever we have an important update.

2. Use the Workload Staffing Report

Workload Staffing Reports (WSRs) are among the most powerful tools at nurses’ disposal for making real and lasting change in their workplaces. There are many examples of how WSRs have helped improve staffing levels and security at facilities throughout Manitoba.

WSRs are a simple and effective way to ensure nurses’ concerns are heard by the employer and the union. Regardless of how comfortable you are with union activism, WSRs are a simple and effective way of identifying issues and finding solutions.

Visit to learn more about our new and improved WSR forms.

3. Organize an Event

Events can be simple. Invite everyone to the breakroom for coffee or treats! Order lunch! There's no better way to stay connected with your fellow nurses than taking a few moments away from your busy day to catch up and re-energize. Many MNU locals and worksites have organized Meet and Greets or Lunch and Learns, where nurses come together to talk to MNU leadership or hear about the latest developments. And if you do it regularly, your event will get bigger and your connection will be stronger.

4. Wear White Wednesday

Every week, nurses throughout Manitoba wear white to show solidarity with one another, and to advocate for safe patient care. As government cutbacks impact care delivery and accessibility, it is a simple and effective way to demonstrate awareness and speak out on behalf of patients and nurses.

The more nurses that participate, the more powerful Wear White Wednesday is! 

Even better — take a picture and send to to share on MNU’s social media channels! And remember to use the hashtag #WearWhiteWendesday if you post yourself.

5. Wear a Put Patients First button

Even wearing a button makes a difference. Nurses across the province are telling the government to stop the health care cuts, slow down the changes, and put patients first in every health care decision. Wearing a button is a simple way to speak out for safe patient care. Locals and worksites can request buttons from the MNU provincial office by contacting Katrina Profeta at

6. Write a Letter to the Editor

Barely a day goes by without health care issues making the news. Nurses are experts and your voice can contribute to a positive discussion about health care. Typically, LTEs are a maximum of 250 words, and can be submitted online via the publication’s website. If you are interested in contributing or learning more about how to write a letter, contact Matt Austman, MNU Communications Officer at

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