Member Outreach Funds

The Manitoba Nurses Union and Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU) provide funds to support members’ endeavors related to international humanitarian nursing/medical services/assistance, disaster relief and initiatives that offer support for disadvantaged peoples.

MNU International Assistance Fund

Established in 2006, the International Assistance Fund recognizes nurses’ endeavours in international solidarity and disaster relief through donations to established non-profit organizations (e.g. Canadian Red Cross, Mennonite Disaster Relief, Salvation Army, Anglican PWRDF) upon application or recommendation.

Nurses and/or organizations must apply to MNU via this form — which must include a letter describing the project — and/or be recommended by the MNU Board of Directors.

Applications for travel support must be received by November 15, for travel in the following year. For example, if you plan to travel in 2021, you must apply by November 15, 2020.


CFNU International Solidarity Fund

At the CFNU Biennial Convention in 2005, nurses voted to create an International Solidarity Fund. By creating an International Solidarity Fund, the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions joins other labour unions in Canada, which mobilize resources to support initiatives that foster solidarity with the disadvantaged, whether their being disadvantaged is a result of a natural disaster or an unfair economic and social order.


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