MNU Committees

MNU Committees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the managing and human resource committee of the Board. They review progress on organizational plans, review budget utilization and provide support and advice to management.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for the financial affairs of the MNU, including preparing and reviewing the budget, development and revision of financial policies, reporting to the Board on the Union's financial position, consideration of financial matters referred to the Board, review of the LEAP program and financial planning.

Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee is responsible for establishing and maintaining Rules of Procedure and for conducting Hearings for members accused of conduct detrimental to MNU (Article 18 of the Constitution).

Nominations & Elections Committee

The Nominations & Elections Committee is responsible for the nomination and the conduct of elections of Board Members and Executive Officers at the Annual General Meeting. 

Resolutions & Constitution Committee

The Resolutions & Constitutions Committee is responsible for receiving, reviewing and finalizing all resolutions and constitutional amendments prior to the MNU Annual General Meeting.

Provincial Collective Bargaining Committee

The PCBC is responsible for formulating master proposals and an overall plan for negotiations, prioritizing and determining the final list of proposals to be put forward, recommendations concerning bargaining policy and maintaining communication about bargaining with MNU locals/worksites and the MNU Board. The PCBC committee is selected leading up to a bargaining year.

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