Nurses remain most trusted spokespeople in health care

Publish date: Tuesday, September 11, 2018

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Put Patients First

According to recent public polling commissioned by the Manitoba Nurses Union, health care is the top issue in the province, and nurses remain the most trusted spokespeople in health care.

The poll was conducted in August 2018, and shows strong public support for concerns raised by the Manitoba Nurses Union and its members throughout the province. One in four Manitobans identified health care as the top issue facing the province, which outranked any other issue by a wide margin.

Manitobans do not support pending changes including Phase II in Winnipeg and rural health care consolidation. 65% of respondents oppose the conversion of emergency to urgent care at Seven Oaks Hospital and the closure of the Concordia Emergency Department, and over three quarters oppose the closure of ERs and service consolidation in rural Manitoba. Over 75% of Manitobans are also concerned that further Emergency Room closures will affect their ability to access timely medical care.

In contrast, Manitobans continue to value the important role of nurses as care providers and the most trusted spokespeople in health care. Over 90% of respondents rated their trust in nurses favourably, making nurses over four times as trustworthy on health care as Premier Brian Pallister. Moreover, 70% of respondents said there are too few nurses in Manitoba; only 2% said claimed there are “too many”.

“As nurses, we are committed to providing safe, quality care for all Manitobans across our province,” said MNU President Darlene Jackson. “However, ongoing cuts and changes are jeopardizing patient care, and nurses are increasingly worried that the nursing shortage and increasingly unreasonable workloads are only going to get worse.”

In Winnipeg, respondents also disputed the provincial government’s claim that health care reorganization plan has resulted in declining wait times. Over 40% said the changes made wait times worse, and 17% said it had no impact. Only 16% said it had improved wait times.

“Manitoba’s nurses share the concerns of their patients, and these results prove that once again,” added Jackson. “We deeply value Manitobans’ trust in us, and we will continue to use our collective voice to advocate on behalf of patients and for policy solutions that are about improving care, not just saving money.”

MNU represents over 12,000 nurses of all designations from across Manitoba.


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