MNU Responds to Misleading Statements by Dr. Peachey

Publish date: Friday, May 10, 2019

Politics & Government

Put Patients First

Yesterday, MNU facilitated a meeting with 17 frontline nurses for Dr. Peachey. The meeting was approximately 2 hours in length. Nurses from 5 city hospitals shared what they’ve experienced on the frontlines of our health care system since this program of cuts and closures began in October 2017. Nurses took time to note the many issues consolidation has created and worsened that puts patient care at risk, including increasing overtime and workload. There was absolutely no endorsement of Phase I and Phase II.
To characterize the response from nurses as anything short of severe disappointment with the consolidation plan is completely misleading. These changes have caused massive problems in our health care system, from overcrowding in ERs, to a loss of experienced nurses in highly specialized units, and severe workload issues.
Let us be absolutely clear: Dr. Peachey does not speak for nurses and his comments are completely inappropriate. Why Dr. Peachey took it upon himself to speak on behalf of nurses is a question that must be asked of him. His statements cast severe doubt on the credibility this report, and provide all the more reason for nurses to speak out against these cuts and closures, and the Pallister government.


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