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I hereby apply to be a member of the Manitoba Nurses Union (MNU), the provincial/governing body, and of the local/worksite indicated above. I authorize, of my own free will, the union and its agents or representatives, to bargain collectively on my behalf with my employer and where deemed advisable to apply for certification. I understand that this commitment will continue in full force and effect until recoved by me in writing to the union. I acknowledge that I have been made aware of MNU's dues structures, including how dues are assessed, changed, when they start, double dues, and I understand the process. 

The Manitoba Nurses Union abides by the rules and regulations of the Personal Information Protect and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) with regard to capturing, reetention and destruction of personal information. This personal information will be used to maintain a record of members at each local/worksite, process dues and send union related materials to the members. Questions about the collection can be addressed to the MNU Privacy Officer at 204-942-1320 or 1-800-665-0043.


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