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Issue 3 2011 - Issue 3

In this issue

  • 2011 AGM Review - Speakers, Elections, Awards, Resolutions & Constitutional Amendments, Team Building, Drumming, Education and Pirates
  • The Economic Case for - Universal Pharmacare Costs and benefits of publicly funded drug coverage for all Canadians
  • Cover Feature: CFNU Recap - Winnipeg hosts the biennium conference as CFNU celebrates its 30th year anniversary
  • MNU News Briefs
    • MNU Welcomes Norway House nurses
    • Manitoba to expand the role of NPs
    • Nelson House reaches agreement
  • President’s Tour: Completed - MNU President Sandi Mowat completed her tour of all worksites and locals in Manitoba
  • Hazardous Drugs - What you need to know to protect yourself
  • Across Canada - National information and issues
  • LRO Reports - Pension and Benefits Review Tips for successfully applying for D&R benefits

Issue 2 2011 - Issue 2

In this issue

  • Cover Feature: Flood Watch - Hospitals and nurses prepare for the coming flood
  • Commitment to Caring - Four nurses travel to Vietnam on a medical mission
  • Sleep Health for Nurses - Fight fatigue at work and sleep better
  • President’s Tour - Sandi Mowat continues her tour of locals/worksites
  • Across Canada - National information and issues
  • MNU News Briefs
    • Knowledge Transfer Conference
    • Agreement reached at KPCC
    • Hamiota Nurse Assaulted
    • Progress at Nelson House
  • LRO Reports
    • Income protection during surgery - Interpreting new Collective Agreement language
    • Know Your Collective Agreement - Maternity leave top-up – What

Issue 1 2011 - Issue 1

In this issue

  • Cover Feature: Nurse Practitioners (NP) – Our newest designation - Exploring the role of NPs in the health system and their fight for legitimacy
  • Commitment to Caring - Two nurses travel to Haiti to deal with the cholera outbreak
  • Bullying the silent epidemic -  Results from a MNU survey about workplace bullying
  • Cultural Competence: Part 2 -  Bridging the gap between self and other and increased diversity in the workplace
  • President’s Tour - Sandi Mowat continues her tour of locals/worksites
  • LRO Reports
    • Pension and Benefits Review - Contribution increase to the Pension Plan
    • Duty to Accommodate - Defining and understanding ‘family status’
    • Know Your Collective Agreement - Annual vacation – requests and scheduling
  • Across Canada - National information and issues
  • MNU Board of Directors and Committee Executive
  • 2011 Yellow Ribbon Awards -  Do you know someone who exemplifies support, advocacy and activism?

Issue 6 2010 - Issue 6

In this issue

  • Northern Reflections - Two nurses from the Burntwood Regional Health Authority share their stories
  • Cover Feature: Set to strike - Nurses at the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation Personal Care Home issue strike deadline
  • Familiar face new post - MNU has a new staff position – Professional Practice and Education Officer
  • President’s Tour - Sandi Mowat resumes her cross province tour
  • Cultural Competence: Part 1 - Bridging the gap between self and other
  • LRO Reports
    • Duty to accommodate - Nurses with substance dependency
    • Pension and Benefits Review - Get a retiring “game plan” together
    • Understanding shift premiums - The application of Article 17
    • Attendance management – ASAP - Attendance Support & Assistance Program
  • Across Canada - National information and issues
  • Are you eligible for a refund? - Dues refund application form
  • News briefs
    • Severance settlement for Kildonan RCCs
    • Criminal investigation into Sinclair case
    • Province bolsters bullying bill
    • Just what the nurse prescribed
    • United Way-Rossbrook House

Issue 5 2010 - Issue 5

In this issue

  • Cover Feature: Celebrating nursing designations MNU celebrates expertise among nursing categories
  • RPNs – A strong link in the profession An in-depth look at the psychiatric nursing profession
  • MNU Board of Directors - and Committee Executive
  • MNU Labour School - Another successful Labour School in Gimli
  • Commitment to Caring - MNU nurse goes above and beyond to help accident victim
  • Perseverance brings WSR victory - Diligent WSR submission by staff results in improved workload
  • LRO Reports
    • Respect in the Workplace: Tips to keep in mind when dealing with workplace respect issues
    • Duty to Accommodate: Key points to remember about the Employer’s right to medical information
    • Pension and Benefits Corner: An update on Group Health, pension, disability and rehab and more
  • Across Canada - National information and issues
  • myMNU Member Portal - How to register, log in, and use our fast and convenient Expense Forms… online
  • Easy as 1-2-3! - How to use the “myMNU Member Portal” to submit your Double Dues refund request

Issue 4 2010 - Issue 4

In this issue

  • Cover Feature: Union Busting! - Nine Resident Care Coordinators (RCC) at Kildonan Personal Care (KPC) Centre had their positions eliminated after joining MNU
  • Commitment to Caring - MNU nurse travels to Swaziland to help those affected by the AIDS pandemic
  • A prescription for healthy living - Tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle on a nurse’s busy schedule
  • The Sustainability Of Medicare - CFNU President Linda Silas urges a new Health Accord at a Winnipeg conference
  • My patient doesn’t speak English! - Interpreter services facilitate communication with non-English speaking patients
  • MNU News Briefs
    • Online shopping available
    • Union leaders convene in Vancouver
    • Rock Lake nurses support community
  • LRO Reports
    • Your Collective Agreement: Weekend Worker/One-time EFT adjustment
    • Workplace Safety and Health: Importance of WS&H Committees
    • Duty to Accommodate: Return to Work Programs
    • Pension and Benefits Corner:
  • Pension Inflation Protection
  • Across Canada - National Information and Issues

Issue 3 2010 - Issue 3

In this issue

  • Cover Feature: Highlights from the 2010 AGM
    • President’s Address - Big challenges yield successes
    • Subject to debate - Constitutional amendments
    • Speaking out - Speakers deliver strong messages about retirement, health care and more
    • A full agenda… with ‘space’ for play! - This year's AGM and Banquet – 2010: A Space Odyssey – in pictures
    • Yellow Ribbon Awards - MNU nurses recognized for activism and leadership
  • Diversity - Canadian Culture and Communication for Nurses – Summer session starting soon!
  • MNU celebrates 35 years - A photographic recap of the last 35 years
  • Overtime: How much is too much? - How to ensure that overtime is the exception – not the rule
  • LRO Report - Grievance Corner: Derogatory entries
  • LRO Report - Duty to Accommodate: The Union’s Roles and Responsibilities
  • Across Canada - National Information and Issues
  • MNU News Briefs
    • Riverview Google Group
    • MNU Video Vault
    • MNU donates to Rossbrook House

Issue 2 2010 - Issue 2

In this issue

  • Cover Feature: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure - How social networking affects nursing
  • Overtime: Mandatory Overtime - What to do when the manager is pointing to you
  • No Cameras Allowed - Witnesses in Brian Sinclair inquest will not be televised
  • Breast Health Centre - In-depth look at the services and programs offered at this one of a kind facility
  • Research to Action - Successful mentorship program set to wrap up
  • Commitment to Caring - MNU contributions help plant seeds of hope in Zambia
  • Partnering in a Pandemic - Sandi Mowat spoke to Uof M nursing students about collaborations during the H1N1 Crisis
  • MNU Board of Directors - Highlights from their recent AGM
  • Across Canada - National Information and Issues

Issue 1 2010 - Issue 1

In this issue

  • Cover Feature: Reversing the Pension Plunge - Increase in contributions needed to offset effects of the global economic downturn
  • Overtime: Proceed with Caution - Exploring the effects of working excessive hours
  • Nurses Take Blood Fight Online - CFNU launches Safe Blood website and calls on members across Canada to act now
  • Labour Relations Reports - Duty to Accommodate – Exploring the role of the employee, the employer and the union when a duty to accommodate arises
  • MNU Pledges Funds for Haiti - MNU passes motion to contribute $5000 to help in the relief effort in Haiti
  • Touring Continues
    • Taché Centre
    • St. Amant Centre
  • Across Canada - National Information and Issues
  • Surf to Savings Online - The MNU Member Discount program is back with more offers and available online
  • MNU News Briefs
    • Nelson House employer not bargaining
    • St. Boniface nurses back committee
    • Bargaining moves along
    • Board positions filled

Issue 6 2009 - Issue 6

In this issue

  • Cover Feature: Workload Staffing Reports: Looking at the Data - Reports show the nursing shortage is still by far the leading cause of most workload/staffing concerns
  • Tough Times For Alberta Nurses - Government cutbacks and a hiring freeze lead to protests
  • Research to Action – Manitoba - Project Update – Excellence in Long Term Care: An Educational Series for Professionals
  • Commitment to Caring: Profile - Nurse’s humanitarian mission in Mexico to last three years
  • MNU Continues CBS Fight - Ignoring Objections, Canadian Blood Services pushes forward with potentially dangerous plans to deskill workforce
  • Touring Continues
    • Breast Health Centre, St. Boniface
    • H1N1 Flu Vaccination Clinic, Portage Place
    • Cancer Care Manitoba, HSC & SBGH
  • Labour Relations Reports
    • Pension & Benefits Review
    • Duty to Accommodate
    • Documentation Critical to WCB Claims
    • Master Rotations and Posted Schedules
  • MNU News Briefs
    • Day of Inspiration Career Fair in Brandon
    • Selinger Meets Nurses First Week in Office
    • Mowat In “Fishbowl” at Conference
  • Across Canada - National Information and Issues
  • MNU Discount Program - MNU Discount Program returns with a whole new look!


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