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Issue 2 2010 - Issue 2

In this issue

  • Cover Feature: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure - How social networking affects nursing
  • Overtime: Mandatory Overtime - What to do when the manager is pointing to you
  • No Cameras Allowed - Witnesses in Brian Sinclair inquest will not be televised
  • Breast Health Centre - In-depth look at the services and programs offered at this one of a kind facility
  • Research to Action - Successful mentorship program set to wrap up
  • Commitment to Caring - MNU contributions help plant seeds of hope in Zambia
  • Partnering in a Pandemic - Sandi Mowat spoke to Uof M nursing students about collaborations during the H1N1 Crisis
  • MNU Board of Directors - Highlights from their recent AGM
  • Across Canada - National Information and Issues

Issue 1 2010 - Issue 1

In this issue

  • Cover Feature: Reversing the Pension Plunge - Increase in contributions needed to offset effects of the global economic downturn
  • Overtime: Proceed with Caution - Exploring the effects of working excessive hours
  • Nurses Take Blood Fight Online - CFNU launches Safe Blood website and calls on members across Canada to act now
  • Labour Relations Reports - Duty to Accommodate – Exploring the role of the employee, the employer and the union when a duty to accommodate arises
  • MNU Pledges Funds for Haiti - MNU passes motion to contribute $5000 to help in the relief effort in Haiti
  • Touring Continues
    • Taché Centre
    • St. Amant Centre
  • Across Canada - National Information and Issues
  • Surf to Savings Online - The MNU Member Discount program is back with more offers and available online
  • MNU News Briefs
    • Nelson House employer not bargaining
    • St. Boniface nurses back committee
    • Bargaining moves along
    • Board positions filled

Issue 6 2009 - Issue 6

In this issue

  • Cover Feature: Workload Staffing Reports: Looking at the Data - Reports show the nursing shortage is still by far the leading cause of most workload/staffing concerns
  • Tough Times For Alberta Nurses - Government cutbacks and a hiring freeze lead to protests
  • Research to Action – Manitoba - Project Update – Excellence in Long Term Care: An Educational Series for Professionals
  • Commitment to Caring: Profile - Nurse’s humanitarian mission in Mexico to last three years
  • MNU Continues CBS Fight - Ignoring Objections, Canadian Blood Services pushes forward with potentially dangerous plans to deskill workforce
  • Touring Continues
    • Breast Health Centre, St. Boniface
    • H1N1 Flu Vaccination Clinic, Portage Place
    • Cancer Care Manitoba, HSC & SBGH
  • Labour Relations Reports
    • Pension & Benefits Review
    • Duty to Accommodate
    • Documentation Critical to WCB Claims
    • Master Rotations and Posted Schedules
  • MNU News Briefs
    • Day of Inspiration Career Fair in Brandon
    • Selinger Meets Nurses First Week in Office
    • Mowat In “Fishbowl” at Conference
  • Across Canada - National Information and Issues
  • MNU Discount Program - MNU Discount Program returns with a whole new look!

Issue 5 2009 - Issue 5

In this issue

  • Cover Feature: H1N1 Experts Converge - Experts from around the world attended an H1N1 Conference held in Winnipeg
  • H1N1 – Disaster Management - MNU board invites expert from the Office of Disaster Management to respond to our recommendations for H1N1 protocol
  • CFNU Meets Manitoba Minister - CFNU President met with the Minister of Health about proper protection for healthcare workers during the next wave of H1N1
  • Shut Down - System developed to call in nurses during emergencies is disbanded in Ontario
  • MNU Members – Back to School - Labour School 2009 in Gimli, Manitoba
  • Roblin Nurse always gave 110% - Joan Langan – a commitment to caring that extended beyond her own life
  • Commitment to caring - Tuelon nurse committed to caring for personal care home patients
  • Research to Action – Manitoba - MNU is a provincial partner in this national initiative to recruit and retain nurses
  • Touring continues - Misericordia Health Centre in Winnipeg
  • Health Links/Info Santé - Nurses learn to triage over the phone
  • Labour Relations Reports
    • Pension & Benefits Review
    • Maternity Leave Top-up
  • MNU News Briefs
  • Across Canada - National Information and Issues
  • Break the Silence - Short-staffed? Poor conditions? Workload

Issue 4 2009 - Issue 4

In this issue

  • Cover Feature - H1N1 Coverage
    • MNU responds to H1N1 outbreak
    • Nurse practitioners volunteer to fight H1N1 in the north
    • Unions worldwide support nurses during flu pandemic
  • No more shaming nurses - The Province of Manitoba changes Regulated Health Professions Act
  • Bringing valuable experience - The ARHA recruited 35 internationallytrained nurses from the Philippines
  • Commitment to caring - This issue profiles a nurse practitioner running a Teen Clinic in a high school
  • CFNU Convention –Vancouver - Delegates met for the biennial convention to tackle key issues, including MNU support of Aboriginal nurses’ fight for rights
  • Touring continues - Sandi Mowat tours facilities in Winnipeg, Churchill, Assiniboine and Central Regions.
  • Losing the locks - Birtle Health Centre nurses shave their heads to raise money for cancer research
  • Nursing runs in the family - A mother and daughter tell the stories of how they each got into nursing 
  • Labour Relations reports
  • • Equivalent full-time and additional shifts
  • • LRO works for a week at Victoria General
  • • How to file Human Rights complaints
  • MNU News Briefs
  • Across Canada - National Information and Issues


Issue 3 2009 - Issue 3

In this issue

  • Cover Feature - AGM 2009 Highlights
    • President’s Address - Sandi Mowat reviews the last year
    • Subject to Debate - Resolutions affecting the future of nursing
    • Dancing Nurses - CFNU president gets delegates moving
    • Yellow Ribbon Awards - Gloria Loveday and Lorette Walker
  • A Commitment to Caring - A New Profile Series – This issue, two women from Nigeria come to nurse in Winnipeg
  • MNU News Briefs
    • The Dauphin grey-listing lifted
    • Nurses march to the Legislature
    • Petition against CBS decision
  • Touring Continues… Sandi Mowat continues her province-wide tour, this time visiting the Central Region
  • Bargaining ’09 - The Collective Bargaining Conference to prepare for upcoming negotiations
  • Pension and Benefits Corner - Bob Romphf, MNU Labour Relations Officer – Benefits, updates you on what’s new
  • Nurse Abuse - Statistics Canada reports that less than half of abuse incidents are reported – we need to speak up and report incidents of abuse
  • Right to a Safe Workplace - Shauna Briscoe, MNU LRO, previews a campaign about violence against nurses
  • Across Canada - National information and issues
  • Where There’s Smoke… II - CSA creates the first-ever standards to protect against surgical plume
  • MNU Board of Directors and Committee Executive
  • myMNU Member Portal

Issue 2 2009 - Issue 2

In this issue

  • Research to Action - Federal grant supports CFNU initiative to improve recruitment and retention
  • Cover Feature: Lowering the Bar - MNU President and local Canadian Blood Services (CBS) RN oppose decision to replace nurses with unlicensed workers
  • Where hasn’t Sandi been? - As the Annual General Meeting approaches, MNU President Sandi Mowat has been out and about, touring the province…
    • Leg 11 – South Eastman Region
    • Leg 12 – Victoria General Hospital
    • Leg 13 – Health Sciences Centre
    • Leg 14 – Assiniboine Region
    • Leg 15 – Parkland Region
  • Compassion Fatigue / Burnout - What it is; early signs to recognize it; and some simple proactive tips to prevent it
  • Pension & Benefits Corner - Group Health Plan, Pension, and Disability and Rehabilitation Plan
  • Human Rights Complaints - Determining whether or not you have a Human Rights Violation case… simplified
  • Across Canada - Information and Issues from across the country

Issue 1 2009 - Issue 1

In this issue

  • Cover Feature: Community Nursing – Workplace Safety in the Field
  • PCBC Meets - Provincial Collective Bargaining Committee prepares for next Central Table Agreement
  • The Tour of Duty… continues - Leg 9 and 10 take the MNU President to the Grace and St. Boniface Hospitals
  • MNU Weighs In on Insite Appeal - Mowat responds to Feds’ decision to close down the Insite Safe-Injection Site
  • “Worksite” vs. “Site” - What is the difference?
  • WCB Appeals - What Should You Know About the Process?
  • Maternity Leave Top-up - What is it? and How does it work?
  • Pension & Benefits Corner - Pensions, Inflation Protection and the Disability and Rehab Plans
  • Special Report - New Enhanced Group Healthcare Plan
  • Workplace and Wellness - Canadian nurses speak their minds in National Survey
  • Cross Country Checkup - National Information and Issues from ”Nurses’ Voice” – the CFNU Newsletter
  • Your MNU Board of Directors

H1N1 Special Report 2009 - Issue H1N1 Special Report

In this issue

  • Is Your Facility Prepared? H1N1-Specific Infection Policies and Procedures
  • What We Have Learned from the Spring 2009 Pandemic
  • Scientific Evidence Confirms N95 Use Offers Best Defence
  • Workplace Safety and Health Act / Worker’s Compensation Rights

Issue 5 2008 - Issue 5

In this issue

  • Cover Feature: Shitfing Priorities – Finding the Work-Life Balance
  • Napping on Nights - A recent study reviews the impact of napping during night shifts
  • Tour of Duty - Talking to nurses across the province is high priority for MNU President
  • Pension & Benefits Corner - There are many new and exciting issues in the pension and benefits area
  • C.O.L.A. – Its the real thing - Find out how the Cost of Living Adjustment can affect your pension
  • HOPE Springs Eternal - How one Winnipeg nurse is sharing HOPE with those who need it most
  • Essential Services Act - Does The Act, as it is written, violate the Charter rights of our union members
  • CCCN - Free Communication Skills Program for I internationally Educated Nurses
  • Across Canada - National information and issues
  • Speaking Out - Brandon nurse challenges editor to back up his opinions
  • Your MNU Board of Directors and Committee Executive
  • Roll Up Your Sleeves - It’s flu season again. Be a “roll” model… “Get the shot – not the flu!”
  • Are You Eligible? - MNU Union Dues Refund – eligibility requirements and application form


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