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Issue 3 2008 - Issue 3

In this issue

  • Cover Feature: AGM 2008 Highlights
  • Subject to Debate - Resolutions affecting the future of nursing and the administration of the MNU.
  • Insight into Insite - Liz Evans, Executive Director of Insite, North America’s first supervised drug injection site.
  • Yellow Ribbon Awards - Three nurses who exemplify the spirit of advocacy and dedication to patient care.
  • Saving Lives - Manitoba nurse Gail Fones’ address on her work to stop the spread of malaria in Uganda.

Issue 2 2008 - Issue 2

In this issue

  • Cover Feature: With nurse abuse even more prevalent than is reported… could it become an epidemic?
  • Beyond the Occurrence - Experts and union leaders educate Seven Oaks General Hospital nurses on the issue of abuse
  • MNU Focus On… Worker’s Compensation Issues and meet Shauna Briscoe, Labour Relations Officer for WCB/OH&S
  • Get With the Program! - New information on the MNU Retail and Services Discount Program
  • Know Your Stats - Frequently Asked Questions on Recognized Holidays and Article 22
  • Paper Cut - An articulate rebuttal to errors and exaggerations printed in a Manitoba newspaper editorial

Issue 4 2007 - Issue 4

In this issue

  • Cover Feature: MNU presents their Workplace Safety & Health issues to Gov’t
  • Where There’s Smoke… The cautery health and safety issues at St. Boniface Hospital
  • Always A Class Act - Some highlights from this year’s session of MNU Labour School
  • A Port in the Storm - Comfortable accommodation for rural patients during long stays
  • Can Casuals Cancel? - The memo… The grievance… The decision… Our position
  • 2007 Dues Refund Program - Eligibility Rules and Dues Refund Application Form (outside back cover)`

Issue 3 2007 - Issue 3

In this issue

  • Speaker hits a key note - Stephen Lewis praises nurses during his Keynote address
  • HealthCareFirst - Highlights from this year’s MNU Annual General Meeting
  • Cover Feature: Collective Bargaining Conference - Going to the table prepared!
  • A National Focus - Some of the highlights from the CFNU Annual General Meeting 
  • Closing Statements - The SK Court of Appeal rules on a case of discriminatory seniority
  • The votes are in… Meet the MNU executive elected at this year's AGM for 2007-2008
  • Discount Program Deadline - Register now for the City of Winnipeg's Facility Pass deals
  • Yellow Ribbon Awards - Introducing this year's deserving

Issue 2 2007 - Issue 2

In this issue

  • Overtime - When is it voluntary, and when is it mandatory?
  • Cover Feature: What MNU Nurses Think of Health Care and Nursing in Manitoba! New study shows changing trends
  • Nursing North of 60 - MNU Researcher visits the “Polar Bear Capital of the World”
  • MNU Member Discount - This popular program offers our members some valuable benefits 
  • Dauphin Career Days - MNU spreads the word through this popular career symposium
  • Salary Stats ’07 - An up-to-date comparison of provincial salaries – East to West
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Issue 1 2007 - Issue 1

In this issue

  • Cover Feature: Long-Term Care: A Specialty Apart Kathy Chute, R.N. reports on the state of Long-Term Care in Manitoba
  • Behind the Scenes - The making of the MNU 2006/2007 Holiday Campaign commercial
  • Labour 101 - Provides new members with the information needed to be active participants in the Union
  • Preparing to Bargain - Provincial Collective Bargaining Committee met November 2006
  • A Grievance Victory - Reinstatement was not the ultimate goal of this grievance arbitration
  • 2006 Dues Refund Program - Eligibility rules and Reimbursement Request Form (on outside back cover)

Issue 2, 2006 - Issue 2

In this issue

  • AGM Highlights - Delegates to the 31st Annual General Meeting brought forth a large number of issues for debate
  • Delegates heard from renowned speakers and presenters, including CFNU President, Linda Silas
  • First Board meeting, Thompson, MB
  • Seconding Nurses - Seconding nurses for known vacancies is not allowable under the Collective Agreement
  • Yellow Ribbon Awards - Meet this year's recipients – Val McKelvy, Karen Terlinski and Donna Prokopowich
  • Taking Part in Career Days -  MNU reaches out to high school students making career plans
  • Arbitration Report - An Arbitration Board orders the Canadian Blood Services to pay up
  • Is Nursing Dangerous? - Canadian and International studies report that nursing is now the most dangerous profession

Issue 1, 2006 - Issue 1

In this issue

  • The Pas Update: SAVED!As a result of intense lobbying by that community’s nurses, four Head Nurse positions have been saved
  • Cover Feature: When Your Second LanguageBecomes Your First Priority 
  • One of the greatest barriers to immigrants settling and adjusting in Canada is gaining competency in the English language
  • Partial Leaves AllowableUnder the Collective Agreement, full-time nurses maintain their employment status while on a partial leave

Issue 4, 2005 - Issue 4

In this issue

  • Cover Feature: BULLY - Understanding bullying behaviours, helps MNU protect our members from harassment and abuse
  • Minister Meets MNU - Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Public Health energizes MNU delegation on the future of Public Health Care
  • Missing Medicare - Cancer specialist, Eduardo Bruera, compares Medicare to American Health Care Insurance programs
  • Labour School 2005 - Record numbers attended our informative series of labour-related courses and seminars this fall
  • Walking the Line - MNU Board of Directors support the locked out CBC workers
  • Union Dues Refund - Eligibility rules and application

Issue 3 2005 - Issue 3

In this issue

  • Workplace Safety and Health - An outline of the responsibilities and role of a Committee Member
  • Cover Feature: Nurses fighting for Nurses - Nurses in The Pas refuse to lose their Head Nurses and Nursing Supervisors without a fight
  • AGM Highlights - Delegates celebrate the MNU’s 30th Annual General Meeting
  • Keeping the Circle Strong - Highlights of the 12th Biennial Convention in Regina, sets CFNU’s direction for the next two years
  • MNU Discount Program - Guidelines for use and a detailed listing of participating merchants and their generous offers


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