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Issue 3 2005 - Issue 3

In this issue

  • Workplace Safety and Health - An outline of the responsibilities and role of a Committee Member
  • Cover Feature: Nurses fighting for Nurses - Nurses in The Pas refuse to lose their Head Nurses and Nursing Supervisors without a fight
  • AGM Highlights - Delegates celebrate the MNU’s 30th Annual General Meeting
  • Keeping the Circle Strong - Highlights of the 12th Biennial Convention in Regina, sets CFNU’s direction for the next two years
  • MNU Discount Program - Guidelines for use and a detailed listing of participating merchants and their generous offers

Issue 2 2005 - Issue 2

In this issue

  • Cover Feature: Passages from India - A report back from Wendy Toews, who went to offer aid in India
  • Re: union - Three local nurses, credited with the “idea” of a nurses’ union, share how they brought an idea to life
  • MNU at the Career Symposium -  MNUencounters eager high-school students in Brandon and Winnipeg
  • Workplace Safety and Health - Safety and health training seminars, programs and courses of instruction
  • Fight for the Living - April 28 – A “Day of Mourning” for victims of workplace accidents

Issue 1, 2005 - Issue 1

In this issue

  • Cover Feature : A Passage to India - One nurse’s decision to go and help out in tsunami-stricken India
  • Reflections -  Kathleen Connors, retired CFNU President, contemplates her life
  • Dee Thomas – A Model Nurse: An Aboriginal nurse discusses Cultural Awareness Workshops
  • Scholarship Winners -  American Income Life and The MNU Education Committee Scholarships
  • Yellow Ribbon Time Again - A reminder that March 28, 2005 is the deadline for nominations
  • Manitoba Nursing Education -  A General Summary of Nursing Education Articulation in Manitoba

Issue Four, 2004 - Issue 4

In this issue

  • National Pharmacare Program - CFNU President, Linda Silas and a group of Provincial Leaders take their cause to Ottawa
  • Cover Feature: Always Caring • Always a Nurse and ambulance attendant, teacher, union activist, community volunteer
  • It’s not a Job – It’s a Privilege - A palliative care nurse’s story
  • Attendance Management - A few words of advice for nurses
  • Union Dues Refunds - Eligibility rules and application
  • Nurses on film - How we are portrayed in the movies and on television

Issue 3, 2004 - Issue 3

In this issue

  • Cover Feature: AGM Highlights
    • AGM Optimistic, Upbeat!
    • Order of Canada Appointment
    • MNU Long-time Staff Recognized
    • Yellow Ribbon Award Winners
  • Be Diligent – Protect Your Jobs - Preserve the Integrity of your C.A.
  • Diversity Leadership Round Table Discussions
  • MNU Bargaining Conference - Ready... Set... Negotiate!
  • Hancharyk Presents on WCB - Submits the Union’s position
  • Managing Shiftwork - Tips for getting a ‘good day’s sleep’

Issue 2 2004 - Issue 2

In this issue

  • President’s Message
  • Combining Roles: A Great Team - Husband and Wife Activists
  • Aboriginal Cultural Awareness
  • Cover Feature: On the “campaign” trail - Technical advisor on-location
  • An “Always Caring” example
  • Be Aware and Be Safe - Car-jacking schemes on the rise
  • Health Safety and Wellness for Nurses – EAPs
  • Workers Compensation Act - Review Committee Public Meetings
  • Folk Festival Union Discount
  • Westman Celebrates National Nursing Week
  • Diversity Leadership Round Table Discussions

Issue 1, 2004 - Issue 1

In this issue

  • President’s Message
  • Cover Story: Taking it to the Street. Public Health Nurses – Providing Care in the Core
  • Scholarship Winner
  • Dealing with Stress
  • Compassionate Care Benefits
  • Book Review - Exposing Privatization
  • Funding Options for Nurse Education
  • Health Safety and Wellness for Nurses
  • Coming Together - MNU meet UM and RRC students
  • Hostility Sabotages Your Heart

Issue Six, 2003 - Issue Winter 6

In this issue

  • Cover Story: Latex Allergies - Endangered Life and Work
  • MNU Board: Leaders in Health Care
  • All in the Family
  • The Detrimental Effects of Nursing Services Provided by Agencies
  • Gearing Up to Bargain
  • Duty to Accommodate
  • Respect in the Workplace Part Two

Issue Five, 2003 - Issue 5

In this issue

  • On the Road
  • Cover Story: the Courageous Calling - How determination resulted in a career of caregiving
  • In Her Own Words
  • Why We Must Invest in Nurses Now
  • So What is a P3?
  • A Tale of Two Systems
  • Dear Maureen...
  • What is Respect in the Workplace?
  • Fight to Save Medicare
  • Ascent for Alzheimer Disease
  • United Way & Labour - Building Stronger Communities Together
  • Are You Eligible for a Dues Refund?
  • MNU Labour School

Issue Four, 2003 - Issue 4

In this issue

  • Cover Story: 28th AGM - Leading the Way in Health Care
  • Yellow Ribbon Award
  • We’ve Pushed Nurses to the Edge
  • Recognized Holidays
  • What is the No Sweat Campaign and the Workplace Procurement Initiative?
  • Silas to Lead CFNU


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