Newsletter Archive

Issue Four, 2003 - Issue 4

In this issue

  • Cover Story: 28th AGM - Leading the Way in Health Care
  • Yellow Ribbon Award
  • We’ve Pushed Nurses to the Edge
  • Recognized Holidays
  • What is the No Sweat Campaign and the Workplace Procurement Initiative?
  • Silas to Lead CFNU

Special Election Edition 2003 - Issue Special Election Edition 2003

In this issue

  • 38th Manitoba Election 2003 SPECIAL EDITION
  • Making an Informed Choice
  • Where the Candidates Stand on Privatization
  • Their Views on the Expansion of Nursing Education

Issue 2, 2003 - Issue 2

In this issue

  • Cover Story: A Nursing Career: An Opportunity to Care
  • A Proud Mom!
  • A Northern Nurse’s View
  • Manitoba’s Greying Nurse Workforce
  • Winnipeg Home Care Nurses - Blending of Contracts
  • Brandon: MNU, CRNM Plan Nurses’ Week
  • Brandon Student Receives Bursary
  • Achieving and Maintaining Respect in the Workplace:
  • A Struggle Worth the Effort!
  • Who is Eligible for a Dues Exemption?
  • Prospective Nurses Being Turned Away
  • Wisdom & Blunt Answers

Issue 1, 2003 - Issue 1

In this issue

  • IAC Vindicates St. B Nurses
  • A Delicate Balance - Who is Leaving Nursing and Who is Coming In?
  • She Deserves a Medal!
  • Startling Statistics
  • Thomas Henderson Joins Staff
  • Build Your Future by Making History
  • Winnipeg Home Care Nurses -Blending of Contracts
  • Actors Lend Voices to Medicare Battle

December 2002 - Issue 1

In this issue

  • Manitoba Nurses View of the Romanow Report
  • Are We Able to Provide Quality Care?
  • Nurses Say, It's a Very Good Contract
  • Strategic Plans Tailored to Needs
  • Welcoming New Members
  • River East Nurses Gain Parity
  • Manitoba Nursing Student Exam Scores "Spectacular"


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