Acknowledging the emotional work of nurses

Publish date: Monday, October 26, 2015

Health and safety

MNU President

Nursing profession

Sandi Mowat

Workplace issues/practices

MNU president Sandi Mowat took part in an in-depth discussion titled Wounded Healers: Acknowledging the Emotional Work of Nurses facilitated by Dr. Carol Taylor, Professor, Georgetown University School of Nursing and Health Studies and Senior Clinical Scholar, Kennedy Institute of Ethics.

Over the past year, MNU has successfully lobbied the provincial government to amend the Workers’ Compensation Act to include a presumptive PTSD clause. This removes the requirement for nurses to provide evidence related as to how their PTSD diagnosis was a result of their work. Furthermore, under this new legislation the WCB will presume that a nurse’s PTSD diagnosis was a direct result of the workplace.

Dr. Taylor applauded the work that MNU has been doing in the area and referenced key findings from MNU’s PTSD report.


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