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Publish date: Monday, May 04, 2015


MNU members

MNU President

Sandi Mowat

Day 1 - Tuesday April 28:
Highlights from the President's Address

Mowat reflects on issues nurses face both past and present

MNU president Sandi Mowat welcomed delegates to the 40th Anniversary Annual General Meeting of the Manitoba Nurses Union.  She highlighted our history as a union, shining a light on issues that nurses face both past and present - and reminded us all that MNU stands tall as union today because of the nurses that came before us.

Mowat spoke about the coming years, and MNU’s fight to ensure that we are treated respectfully by employers.

“Sadly nurses are still dealing with some of the same issues we did 40 years ago,” said Mowat. “Calls for government to deal with the nursing shortage go as far back as 1945. Whether it is a workload as a result of the nursing shortage or the results of dealing with trauma in the workplace, we are pressured to just endure it and keep our mouths shut.”

Mowat went on to speak about our latest research project and recent challenge lobbying the government to ensure that the prevalence of PTSD in the nursing profession is addressed.

“Nurses regularly face exposure and susceptibility to primary, secondary, and vicarious trauma,” said Mowat. “We know that it is cumulative trauma that plays the largest role in the development of PTSD. We will do everything in our power as a union to ensure that this government amend its Worker’s Compensation Act to enforce presumptive legislation that is inclusive of nurses.”

In closing she spoke about the qualities it takes to be a nurse.

“It takes many things to be a nurse and yes, at the top of the list it takes the ability to be compassionate and caring, but it truly takes courage,” said Mowat.

“The courage to allow yourself to remain open and vulnerable to the pain - physical and emotional - of your patients to give the best possible care. The courage to hold a dying patient and then, after their death, begin the process again. The courage to live with the memories of the horrible things you have seen and keep going back. The courage to deal with child abuse, domestic abuse, loneliness, and neglect and to keep trying to make a difference.”

For 40 years the MNU has fought for our patients and our members. The progress we have made as a union is something to be proud of, and this momentum will carry us forward for the next 40 years.



Meg Soper has Boomers and Gen Ys LOL’ing


Credentials Report

Locals Represented 115
Voting ---------------------------------------262
Non voting -------------------------------- 161
Guests ---------------------------------------19
Staff -------------------------------------------27


Total                                                    469


Resolution #1 - Carried

The Nominations Committee of the Manitoba Nurses Union be known as the Nominations and Elections Committee, effective immediately.

Moved By - Nominations Committee
Financial Implications - None



“history is a series of milestones, its course shaped by the achievements that will inspire generations to come.”




40th Anniversary Gala Banquet







Day 2 - Wednesday April 29


Greetings from Linda Silas, President of the CFNU

Nurses know - Solutions for Stronger Health Care.

CFNU President Linda Silas kicked off day two of the Manitoba Nurses Union 40th Annual General Meeting by reminding us that we must stand tall together for health care.

The members of Manitoba Nurses Union are unique and fortunate to represent all classifications of nurses. We must work together because our health care system needs everyone.

She asked delegates to think about what they want as nurses.

“Our turf as nurses is patient care and there is no other group who has collectively defended safe patient care like we as the nurses of Canada have,” said CFNU president Linda Silas.

“We have to make sure that the government is talking about reinvesting money back into our health care system. You have to get involved in the next election,” said Silas.

“We have to do more than just talk, if something is wrong we have to speak out and stand up for health care - nurses know and we have the solutions for a stronger healthcare system for all Canadians.”




Resolution #2 - Carried


The Executive Committee of the Manitoba Nurses Union review the current formula for determining President’s Days Entitlement with a view to increasing the number of days allotted to a Local / Worksite Presidents and report back to Board at the meeting in November 2015.



MNU releases PTSD trailer leading into Provincial Education Day



BY-LAW No. 1 REGIONS - Carried

Delegates voted to accept the Board of Director’s recommendation to reconfigure the current Board structure. The Board shall now consist of twenty (20) members, being three (3) officers and seventeen (17) regional representatives.

For more information please refer to page 14, 28- 29 of the 2014 Annual Report.




Yellow Ribbon Winners




Day 3 - Thursday April 30 (Provincial Education Day)


Helping Manitoba’s Wounded Healers - PTSD report  released at Manitoba Nurses Union AGM

On Day 3 - Thursday, April 30th the Manitoba Nurses Union released, “Helping Manitoba’s Wounded Healers: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the Nursing Profession.” The report contains recommendations including a call for government to enact Presumptive Legislation formally recognizing the ongoing prevalence of PTSD in the nursing profession.

Unique to our profession the cumulative effect of prolonged exposure to trauma is a major contributing factor to a PTSD diagnosis in nurses.

"Nursing must be identified as a high risk occupation for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. MNU is fighting for occupational Presumptive Legislation that is inclusive of nurses," said MNU President Sandi Mowat.

Please visit our website to download the report and watch our video case study on nursing and trauma:





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