Winnipeg Boil Water Advisory

Publish date: Wednesday, January 28, 2015

We recently received the following memo from Winnipeg Regional Health Authority President, Arlene Wilgosh for our members regarding the boil water advisory in effect across Winnipeg.

"As you are aware, Winnipeg is under a city-wide boil-water advisory. The safety of our patients, residents, clients and staff is paramount.

WRHA has made arrangements with our bottled water supplier to ensure sufficient quantities are available for patients, clients and residents. We ask for your cooperation to ensure that this bottled water remains prioritized for the people in our care, who are most vulnerable.

In addition, we are working on solutions to make safe drinking water available to staff. For example, facilities with kitchens have been asked to boil and cool water for staff use. Where sufficient alternate supplies are available they will also be made accessible to staff. Please speak with your manager for specific details on where to access available safe water.

We are also asking staff to help. Wherever possible, please bring a sufficient source of safe bottled or boiled water to work with you for your own personal use while on duty until the advisory is lifted.

We do not yet know how long the boil-water advisory will be in effect. Thank you for your help and your patience as we continue to care for the people who need us.”

We will continue to update information as it becomes available through Facebook and Twitter. For more information please click here.



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