Alert: Telephone Scam

Publish date: Friday, May 09, 2014

MNU has been advised about a telephone scam targeting its members, stating that dues payment are in arrears.  Please note that there has been no breach of privacy of MNU records.

Be on the look out

A MNU member was contacted by someone who said that that they were behind in their dues payments and that if they did not pay right away, the police would be sent to their home and they would be arrested.

The caller also included being in arrears for property taxes.

This call is not from the Manitoba Nurses Union and this individual is in no way affiliated with our union.

MNU collects dues through your employer and we would never telephone you to make a payment over the phone or internet.

MNU has sent out an email to members regarding this issue to ensure that no one falls victim to the scam. The RCMP fraud unit has also been notified.

We ask that you please pass this information on to other MNU members who do not subscribed to our email list.

If you have any further information about this please contact Janice Grift.


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