Teamwork in time of emergency

Publish date: Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It’s been a week since a HVAC malfunction at St. Boniface Hospital caused the water pipes to freeze, eventually breaking and flooding the 14 operating rooms in the cardiac clinic.

St. Boniface Hospital declared a state of emergency.

All elective surgeries were cancelled while emergency surgeries were redirected to the Health Sciences Centre. To date, 150 surgeries at the hospital were cancelled and another 50 are expected to be cancelled by the end of the week.

Elective surgeries were also cancelled at HSC and the Grace Hospital to make room for patients from St. Boniface.

ICSS nurses from St. Boniface are accompanying patients to HSC, who are in need of urgent surgery. Additional nurses are being sent to the Grace Hospital to help with the influx of Acute Care Surgical Services (ACSS) patients being transferred there. ACSS patients are also being sent to the Victoria Hospital, however to date no nurses have accompanied them.

“We have received nothing but positive comments from the CNO as well Employee Relations, praising the efforts of our members and the entire staff of the operating room,” said Karen Sadler, president St. Boniface Nurses. “We are also very appreciative of the assistance and we have received from the staff at HSC, the Grace and Victoria Hospitals. With their help, the transition has been almost seamless.”

Clean-up and repairs have started, and while damage to drywall and insulation was less than originally expected it will still take some time to get the ORs up and running.

St. Boniface's emergency department and in-patient and out-patient services have remained open.


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