Progress in week three

Publish date: Friday, September 06, 2013


Your Provincial Collective Bargaining Committee has completed its third week of negotiations for a new Central Table Agreement.

We are pleased to report that progress has been made in a number of areas including Nursing Advisory Committees (NAC), Union Management and Health and Safety Committees.
These, along with other labour relations issues, discussed at the table will have a significant impact on working conditions and our ability to provide safe nursing care.

The committee is scheduled to return to the bargaining table for several weeks beginning September 23, 2013 and will continue to keep membership priorities in mind -we know that wages, including shift premiums, and workload (nursing shortage) are the top two concerns for nurses.

Nurse staffing levels is an area of major concern because of the effects it can have on patient safety and quality of care as well as the effect on the physical and mental well-being of our nurses.
Thirty – four per cent (34%) of MNU members report working overtime all the time and most of the time, while the percentage increases by 10 per cent for rural nurses (44%).

Looking ahead, the situation is not improving.

It is estimated that by the year 2016, 50 per cent of Canadian nurses currently in the workforce will retire, inducing a shortage of 113,000 nurses. This is in sharp contrast to a 53.4% increase in the demand for nursing services.

At this rate, nurses just starting their careers will be saddled with critical levels of workload, further exacerbated by an ageing population and patients with higher acuity.


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