AGM Day 2: Nurses rally for patient care

Publish date: Wednesday, April 26, 2017


AGM delegates, joined by community members, members of other unions such as the Manitoba Teachers Society, CUPE, MGEU and nurses from WRHA facilities gathered at the Manitoba Legislature to rally against front line cuts to health care.

The crowd of more than 1,000 called for the government to put patients first and to make investments in health care to ensure that all Manitobans have timely access to safe health care.

Linda Silas, president of CFNU addressed the delegates on national issues including the need for a national pharmacare plan.

Every year, MNU recognizes members who have exemplified the spirit of the Yellow Ribbon. The ribbon emerged in the 1990s, as a symbol throughout Manitoba of our willingness to stand together and support each other. This year’s recipients are exemplary patient and nurse advocates. Congratulations to Elsie Karnes, Worksite #4 Brandon, Maria Jonker, Local #72, Seven Oaks and Elena Duplessis, Worksite #141.

MNU president Sandi Mowat addressed the crowd and said, “The government, with all its slashing of frontline services, is heading down a dangerous path. This path could greatly impact the ability of nurses to provide safe patient care.”

She went on to say that if the government is serious about improving patient care they need to produce a real plan which includes investment in primary care as well as a health human resource plan and that it is crucial for front line staff be included in discussions.

Vice-President Election

Congratulations to Donna McKenzie on being relected as MNU vice-president.

Certificates of Appreciation: Outgoing board members

MNU’s board of directors provide leadership across the province and ensure that the needs and priorities of nurses across the provinces are effectively represented.

A special thank you to the following board members who will be departing from their role this year.

  • Holly Cadieux
  • Chris Boychuk
  • Trudie Empey
  • Cindy Hunter


Voting Delegates 271
Non-Voting Delegates  196
Guests 1
Staff 27


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