Update on healthcare cuts and WRHA restructure

Publish date: Monday, July 17, 2017

The WRHA has provided more information on the ongoing changes and restructuring across the city of Winnipeg.

In accordance with Memorandum of Understanding #9, the employer has provided MNU with 90 days’ notice the first phase of the WRHA restructuring. First phase changes are now set to occur no sooner than October 10, 2017.

Every MNU contract provides a process to protect the employment rights of each nurse affected by changes to their employment status. Meetings will be arranged at the affected facilities to explain the employment security process to members. More specific information will be provided to all nurses who are directly affected.

New information continues to come to light about cuts to frontline healthcare services. Unfortunately, we anticipate more announcements including cuts in the rural regions in the coming weeks, but we have not been provided with any details about these changes yet.

We continue to actively oppose these cuts that compromise safe patient care and erode our public health system.

We have launched a public campaign, Put Patients First, which includes a website (putpatientsfirst.ca), a petition, a letter writing campaign, radio ads and mailouts. This campaign will expand and continue in the fall. We have been outspoken in the media, most recently around cuts to health services that disproportionally affect women.

We have also launched a One-to-one campaign to reach out to directly to all MNU members about the cuts. The campaign has already begun in some locals, and will launch province-wide in the fall. This campaign is of great importance as we stand up for our patients, resist the current cuts and prepare for future actions.

“These are difficult times. Though employers continue to impose new measures unilaterally without input from frontline nurses, we know that the public is on our side,” said MNU President Sandi Mowat. “We will continue to advocate for our patients, speak out against cuts, and at the same time provide the service and support that our members need.”

We will share new information as it becomes available.


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