WRHA Health Care Changes

Publish date: Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Today, via press conference, the WRHA provided information on how their reorganization plan will affect nurses at the Grace Hospital, Victoria Hospital, and Misericordia Health Centre. 

About 512 nurses are expected to receive individual deletion notices across these three facilities, with approximately 250 notices expected to go out at both the Grace and Victoria, and 12 expected at the Misericordia Urgent Care Centre. These notices are expected to go out within the next couple of weeks.

The WRHA continues to assure us that any nurse who wants to continue working within the WRHA will have the opportunity to do so. Deletion notices signal the start of this process.

Given the WRHA’s insistence on moving ahead with these changes, we have been working with them to ensure the implementation process is as smooth as possible.

The WRHA has advised MNU of the following:

  1. New master rotations will be posted in each facility, concurrent with the issuance of position deletion notices, as part of the Employment Security Process.  Nurses will have opportunity for meaningful consultation as outlined in Article 1504.
  2. Employment Security offices will be set up at each facility, staffed jointly by the MNU and the Employer, to provide an important resource to nurses effected by these changes.
  3. The WRHA has agreed to an MOU proposed by the MNU that lessens the impact on nurses in units where ALL nurses receive deletion notices. In these units, job postings for new positions within the unit will be waived and the positions will be offered to nurses in each classification from that unit, in order of seniority.

MNU will be arranging meetings at each of the affected facilities to provide education and to answer questions regarding the Employment Security Process.  Please watch for the dates of times of these upcoming meetings.

MNU can also advise that CancerCare Manitoba (CCMB) has now signed on to the Mobility Memorandum (MOU #26) and the nurses affected by the transfer of the Community Oncology Clinics from the WRHA to CCMB will have the opportunity to transfer with the work or remain with their current Employer.

We were not advised that this announcement would take place today, and we are extremely disappointed with the WRHA’s decision to communicate this information to their employees through the media. We have reached out to the Minister of Health’s office to express our concern with this decision.


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