Nurses affected by WRHA changes

Publish date: Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Nursing shortages

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Yesterday the WRHA provided an update on their reorganization plans. The most recent rotation changes and deletions are expected to affect approximately 1,000 nurses at St. Boniface Hospital, and more than 300 at Health Sciences Centre. 

Furthermore, as of October 20, approximately 40 nurses will receive layoff notices from the Victoria General Hospital.

MNU president Sandi Mowat has always been skeptical of the government’s claim that there will be a job in the WRHA for every nurse who wants one.

“I’m still concerned about the fact that there are nurses in the system who don’t have positions and we know that safe patient care would warrant that they have positions,” Mowat. “We know that there are many units within the City of Winnipeg that are very busy.”

Mowat acknowledges that these are the most challenging times that nurses and the health care system have facedin nearly two decades but assures nurses that the full strength of the union is behind them.

“There is a lot of frustration, a lot of anger, andunfortunately not many answers, “she said. “Please know that we are doing our best to ensure your rights under the collective agreement are upheld.”

Mowat has been outspoken about her concerns that these cuts will negatively impact to the delivery of safe patient care. She continues to call on the government to listen to nurses, as they are on the frontlines of health care and know the system best.

“We are fighting for you each and every day. We are speaking out,” she said. “We are loud, but we need you to stand with each other – stand with us. If there ever was a time to support each other, it’s now.”


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