MNU continues to raise concerns over security

Publish date: Monday, January 29, 2018

Health and safety

Put Patients First

Following recent reports of an increase in drug-related violent incidents, MNU President Sandi Mowat is stepping up lobbying efforts with the provincial government.

“I’m deeply troubled by what we’re hearing from nurses. Violent incidents are on the rise across the province. Both patients and staff are at risk,” said Mowat. “It’s time to take a close look at security in our health facilities.”

Mowat has spoken out frequently in the media in recent weeks, following a rash of reports of drug-related violent incidents. Today, she sent a letter to Manitoba Health Minister Kelvin Goertzen, calling for the formation of a committee to look at developing security standards for Manitoba’s health facilities.

MNU is also in the process of collecting data on the availability of security in every health facility in the province. This information will be used to make recommendations for the security standards.

“The issue is that there is very little consistency. Some facilities have full time security. Others have no security at all and have to call the police. Even some that do have security still don’t have adequate protection because the security can’t intervene during an incident,” said Mowat.

“The bottom line is that nurses need to feel safe so that they can focus on what matters: providing the best possible care for their patients.”

Reducing violence has long been a priority for MNU. In 2011 MNU lobbied for and achieved new workplace violence regulations, making it mandatory for health facilities to have violence prevention policies in place.

It’s also a national issue, as last year the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions released a report, Enough is Enough: Putting a stop to violence in the health care sector. Read the report here.


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