Letter to the Editor: Article Misrepresents Nurses' Concerns

Publish date: Tuesday, June 05, 2018

On June 4, the Winnipeg Sun published an article entitled "Where are the job losses" by columnist Tom Brodbeck. In response to its misleading statements, MNU President Sandi Mowat submitted the following Letter to the Editor, which was published by the Winnipeg Sun on June 7:


I was disappointed to read Tom Brodbeck’s latest column (“Where are the Job Losses?” June 4). MNU’s response to Phase I and the recent Phase II announcement reflects the concerns of nurses about the effects of these changes on their patients, and their ability to provide safe, quality care.

Phase I was presented under the guise of improving patient care, but it was rushed, with no consultation with frontline nurses. Our primary concern has been that the widespread position deletions and changes have been disruptive and the results chaotic. The list of effects is long and complex, but to put it simply, patients have fewer options to access care they need, patient volumes have increased dramatically in facilities that were already crowded, and mandatory overtime is skyrocketing in some areas to keep up with the new daily reality. The result is that despite nurses’ best efforts, quality of care suffers.

Mr. Brodbeck uses a strawman argument to create the impression that MNU is solely concerned about job losses. I’d suggest that he spend some time in the HSC Emergency Department, the St. Boniface Women and Child Program, or some of the other affected areas, to better understand the effect these changes are having, and why we are speaking out.


Sandi Mowat
Manitoba Nurses Union


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