MNU Responds to “Health System Transformation Blueprint” Announcement

Publish date: Thursday, June 14, 2018

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Today, the provincial government announced its “Health System Transformation Blueprint” that will supposedly change the delivery of health-care services across the province (click here to read the press release and backgrounder). These plans were announced once again without meaningful consultation with nurses and other health care workers.

In short, the “blueprint” will apparently direct more responsibility for standardizing health care services province-wide into the newly created Shared Health. The Health Minister emphasized the blueprint will lead to a “new structure” that “will be both administratively and organizationally smaller” and will focus on cost savings.

This follows yesterday’s announcement that the Concordia Emergency Department will be converted to a “connected care clinic” after its closure in June 2019. This is a half-measure that may also reduce costs, but will dramatically reduce care options for the facility’s catchment area and the surrounding communities.

Although plans for rural service cuts and consolidation have been rumoured to be in the works for the past year, today’s announcement contains no specifics. Moreover, few details were shared about how exactly the projected cost savings will be achieved without impacting nurses and the delivery of safe patient care.

“Our concern is that the new ‘blueprint’ will continue to result in consolidation and cuts to health services that will reduce the quality of care for our patients,” said MNU President Sandi Mowat. “Manitoba’s nurses are focused on providing safe, quality care to patients in every part of our province. Commitments to improving quality, accessibility and efficiency are welcome, but require consultation and collaboration with those on the frontlines. Without adequate information, nurses are left in the dark about what these changes may mean for patient care.”

MNU will continue to advocate on behalf of nurses and patients, and will update members about ongoing changes to our health care system as soon as new information is made available.


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