MNU President Darlene Jackson responds to the release of Dr. Peachey's consolidation assessment

Publish date: Monday, June 10, 2019

Health care

MNU President Darlene Jackson issued the following statement today, in response to the release of Dr. Peachey's consolidation assessment report:

"It’s difficult to reconcile the conclusions presented by government and Dr. Peachey with the details contained within the report. The report notes that confidence has been lost in Phase II, that adequate risk assessments were not completed, and that plans have been implemented by directive without consultation.

The workload and overtime challenges nurses have been facing are unsustainable, and the report notes specifically 'It is entirely predictable that the quality of nursing care to patients is and will be compromised.' Carrying forward with a poorly conceived plan where quality patient care has been compromised is unacceptable.

Unfortunately, the report offers no solutions to these challenges. The scope of the proposed Nursing Resource Task Force has not yet been defined, and meeting dates still haven’t been set.

Nurses are once again left wondering when they will see any relief to the serious problems that have been created in health care by this government."


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