Statement from MNU President Darlene Jackson on expired masks

Publish date: Tuesday, November 10, 2020


Health and safety

Health care

“We’ve been flooded by reports from nurses that they have the same expired Technologist Choice masks in care settings, and that they have experienced some of the same issues reported with them elsewhere: outbreaks around the nose and mouth, coughing for 1-2 hours after shifts, unpleasant smells and itchiness, among other things. The masks appear to be present at HSC, St. Boniface Hospital, Victoria Hospital, Misericordia Health Centre, Riverview Health Centre, Bethesda Regional Health Centre, Selkirk Regional Health Centre, multiple long-term care facilities, and in Winnipeg Home Care. We expect they are in many other places as well.

“Distributing expired masks to health care workers who are risking their lives to care for others is absolutely unacceptable. The province has a duty to acquire and distribute personal protective equipment that meets the standards required to keep frontline nurses and other health care professionals safe. There have been far too many issues with PPE since the start of the pandemic. Far too many frontline staff are becoming ill with COVID. We are eight months in, and these issues should have been dealt with months ago. Government must do better.”


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