Message from the President: MNU, PHLRS agree to pandemic reassignment shift premium for next 7 days

Publish date: Friday, November 13, 2020


Dear members,

As a result of the critical short-staffing issues amidst the worsening pandemic, the Provincial Health Labour Relations Secretariat (PHLRS) has indicated to MNU that they are seriously considering an Article 10 declaration, or other emergency declaration that would suspend nurses’ rights under the collective agreement.
Rather than risk immediate imposition of these measures, and to ensure some recognition for any disruption to nurses’ assignments, MNU and PHLRS have agreed to the following compensation package for the next 7 days. The agreement is applicable to any MNU member employed in the public health care system, effective immediately.
Any Nurse who volunteers or is required by the employer to:

  1. Modify their shift schedule and/or;
  2. Work in a PCH in an outbreak situation (other than their home facility) or ICU/CCU in their own facility/site or;
  3. Work in an alternate facility or site, in a PCH, ICU or CCU;

Will be provided a $25 premium per shift worked in the event of either point 1, or 2, or a combination of 1 and 2 above. The $25 is provided for each shift in each day, regardless of whether or not the shifts are worked consecutively. This premium is provided in addition to any other premium/compensation or benefit entitlement under the collective agreement.

In the event a Nurse is assigned as per item 3, they shall be provided compensation as per the MOA on COVID Redeployment. If in the case of assignment as per 3, is in conjunction with a change to the hours of their regularly scheduled shift (as per item 1), they shall receive the $25 premium in addition to the premiums provided as per the COVID Redeployment MOA.
Any Nurse who accepts or volunteers to work in a PCH or ICU/CCU as an additional shift or overtime shift, as opposed to a regularly scheduled shift, shall be provided, over and above any other applicable premiums, a $20 premium for each such shift worked.

This agreement extends to 4pm on Friday November 20th. *UPDATE* This agreement has been extended for an additional 7 days, now expiring Friday, November 27th.

This agreement is without prejudice to any current grievances filed in relation to the COVID Redeployment MOA.

We recognize this premium does not nearly account for the many hardships nurses are facing during this extraordinarily challenging time, but we hope that this small gesture will assist with desperately needed recruitment and retention efforts in areas of critical need.
If you have any questions or difficulty accessing the premiums and entitlements, please contact your LRO for assistance.
Thank you for your continued extraordinary efforts and commitment to Manitobans during this very difficult time.
Darlene Jackson
Manitoba Nurses Union


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