Our People

The MNU's democratic structure provides all members with a voice and opportunity to be heard. The organization of people within the MNU is structured to support its members:

The Board of Directors: The affairs of the MNU are managed by the Board of Directors, which is comprised of nurse representatives from the five regions. Board Members are elected by membership for a two-year term. The Board Members carry out the objectives of the union and are responsible for establishing and maintaining the flow of communication between the union and its members who are employed in the respective regions.

Board Committees: Several standing and special (ad hoc) committees operate within the Board to carry out specific areas of responsibility. The structure and responsibilities are determined and recommended by the committees and ultimately approved by the Board. Standing committees report to and make recommendations to the Board for approval.

The Manitoba Nurses Union staff: Union staff are here to answer your questions and provide advice on issues such as grievances, contracts, legal advice, and labour education.

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