Media Statement: MNU President Darlene Jackson Responds to Outsourcing of LifeFlight Services

Publish date: Thursday, September 10, 2020


Health care

MNU President

Politics & Government

“Nurses are deeply concerned about the contracting out of the LifeFlight program from the public health system. There are six nurses among the health care professionals affected. We feel this move proves that all along government only wanted to weaken and eventually outsource a service that’s of vital importance to rural Manitobans.
Nurses believe in building capacity in the public health care system first. LifeFlight has a sterling reputation and excellent patient safety record; there is no reason to push this move in the midst of global pandemic, when health care is already going through significant changes and adjustments. While nurses value the services that STARS provides, no details have been provided about how STARS will be capable of managing this significant expansion in its services while also improving patient care. In the absence of this information, nurses are not assured that the standard of care provided will meet or exceed LifeFlight’s excellent record.

This appears to be a deliberate decision by the Pallister government to further outsource the delivery of public health services. Over the past few months alone, thousands of surgeries have been awarded to private clinics, and an RFP has been issued for the private contact tracing services. The delivery of provincewide air ambulance program – as well as other health care services – is best done primarily through the public system, and we urge the government to reverse this decision before it comes into effect.”


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