2020 Nursing Planner Request Form

MNU is pleased to provide complimentary daily planners to members every fall for the following calendar year. This year, MNU will not be distributing a copy to every member automatically. Instead, members can obtain a planner via one of four methods:

  1. Members may pick up a copy from MNU Provincial Office (301-275 Broadway, Winnipeg).
  2. The largest MNU Locals/Worksites with their own office space will also have planners available. These Locals/Worksites are HSC Local 10, St. Boniface Local 5, and Brandon Local 4.
  3. Local or Worksite representatives (i.e., presidents, board members, etc.) may pick up bulk quantities of the planner from MNU Provincial Office on behalf of their members, and distribute as appropriate. Contact your Local or Worksite representative for more information about this option.
  4. Members that do not fall under option 2 or 3, or that cannot get to MNU Provincial Office may request a copy using the online webform below. Staff will mail out planners to members that request them on a scheduled basis. Allow for up to 30 calendar days for the planner to arrive. If your planner does not arrive in 30 days or less, you can contact membership@manitobanurses.ca for an update on your mailing status.

QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED: Planners will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis while quantities last.

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