President Darlene Jackson


Darlene Jackson is President of the 12,000 member Manitoba Nurses Union.

Jackson has over three decades of nursing experience, and has been an active member of the union since 1981. Shortly after joining MNU she attended her first Annual General Meeting, and has been a committed union activist ever since.

Jackson has served as President of her worksite in The Pas for over two decades. She also has extensive experience with MNU’s Provincial Collective Bargaining Committee (PCBC) as the representative for the north, participating in 9 rounds of provincial bargaining and serving as vice-chairperson of the PCBC. In recognition of her leadership, she was the recipient of MNU’s Yellow Ribbon Award in 1996.

More recently, Jackson has served as a board member for the Northern Region since 2012, and as Secretary-Treasurer of MNU for two years. Jackson’s extensive experience working in rural and northern Manitoba, as well as being a member of the MNU Board of Directors has provided her with a holistic understanding of the issues facing nurses in every region of Manitoba.

Jackson believes in the collective power of nurses. Through strong teamwork and representation, she is committed to ensuring nurses practice in a safe and supportive environment, and will continue to advocate for safe, quality health care for all Manitobans.

Jackson was elected as President at AGM 2018 for a two year term beginning July 1, 2018. She succeeds Sandi Mowat who served as President since 2008.

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