President Sandi Mowat

Sandi Mowat is the President of the 12,000 member Manitoba Nurses Union.

Mowat spent the majority of her nursing career in the E.R. department at Winnipeg's Health Sciences Centre as a Clinical Resource Nurse and a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner.  In recent years, she worked as a General Duty Nurse in the HSC Haemodialysis Unit.  She has been the recipient of the HSC Nursing Excellence Award.

Mowat was first elected to the MNU Board in 1999; she was elected Vice-President in 2003 and President in 2008.  An experienced negotiator, she represented HSC as their bargaining rep on the Provincial Collective Bargaining Committee for a number of years.  As a provincial nurses' union leader, she represented her members on the ER Task Force, the Joint Nursing Council, the Manitoba Nursing Advisory Council and the Winnipeg Hospital/Health Care Regional Nursing Advisory Committee.

Recently, she has worked with MCHCU to protect pensions and was instrumental in achieving a jointly funded COLA fund for all health care workers. Furthermore, she represents nurses on a joint implementation committee, which was formed to research and develop a model for the implementation of COLA and to make recommendations to the HEB Board of Trustees as to a COLA model and its implementation.

Mowat is committed to improving work place safety for nurses and has worked closely with the provincial government to redefine health and safety protection in health care facilities. In 2011, she successfully lobbied the government to improve health and safety legislation. The result was strengthened abuse free regulations supported by the protection and enforcement of provincial law. She is currently the co-chair of an Advisory Group on Violence Prevention, a committee that reviews workplace security issues in health care and identifies new initiatives to strengthen safety and security for all health workers.

Mowat was the recipient of the Yellow Ribbon Award, the union's highest honour, for activism in the community and workplace. In 2013, The Canadian Federation of Nurses Union gave her its most prestigious honour: the Bread and Roses Award. The award recognizes outstanding nurse leaders who contribute to policy and decision-making, and enhance public awareness of nursing and health care.

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