Psychological Health

Trauma doesn't end when the shift does

Nursing Trauma


  • 65% of Manitoba Nurses Union members say compassion fatigue is common in their work environment.

  • 52% of Manitoba Nurses Union members say critical incident stress and PTSD are common in their workplace.

  • PTSD is often misdiagnosed as burnout or compassion fatigue.

  • Nurses are susceptible to primary, secondary and vicarious trauma.

  • Over 50% of nurses in Manitoba will experience critical incident stress in their career and will have a greater likelihood of experiencing PTSD at least once throughout their career.

  • Child abuse or death of a child is one of the most traumatic situations a nurse scan experience in their career.

  • Lack of employer and organization support is linked to PTSD in nurses.

  • 1 in 4 nurses consistently experience PTSD symptoms.

  • 53% of nurses report having experienced critical incident stress.

  • In Manitoba, 52% of nurses have been physically assaulted.

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