MNU President Darlene Jackson Responds to Concordia Urgent Care Announcement

Publish date: Thursday, May 16, 2019

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Today, MNU President Darlene Jackson responded to the Pallister government's announcement that the Concordia ER will be converted to an Urgent Care Centre in late June 2019:

"Nurses across the province continue to be incredibly frustrated by the Pallister government’s reckless approach to health care. Today’s announcement is a half-measure, and adds to the confusion that’s been created. It doesn’t adequately address the needs of Manitoba’s patients, or the problems that nurses and other health care providers have repeatedly identified.
Converting Concordia to an urgent care still leaves northeast Winnipeg and the surrounding communities underserved, and won’t alleviate the pressure that’s been put on remaining Emergency Departments. We’re also concerned that there is not enough here to address the serious issues nurses have raised across the system, including the inability to provide adequate care because of increased patient volumes, short-staffing and excessive workload in many different programs, not just Emergency Departments.
Changing the plan this late in the process also creates real human resources challenges, as many nurses have already selected new positions in different areas. Once again nurses will be left scrambling while they try to hold the system together. It speaks to how poorly planned and rushed all of this has been right from the beginning."


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