Darlene Jackson Responds to WRHA ER Wait Times Increase

Publish date: Friday, November 23, 2018

Health care

Politics & Government

“One year after the closure of Misericordia Urgent Care, wait times are up almost 20% relative to the same point last year, according to data released by the WRHA. The WRHA and Pallister government have repeatedly tried to claim wait times are going down as a result of their changes, but their own evidence clearly does not support them.
Since implementation nurses have been deeply concerned about the effects these changes are having on their ability to provide safe, quality patient care. We’ve seen spikes in patient volume, workload, and overtime to meet the demand. We’ve repeatedly voiced our concerns, only to be met with spin or misrepresentations from the WRHA and the government. To make matters worse, they continue to plow ahead with Phase II implementation.
We’ve now seen the effects a full year of these changes have had. Increased wait times and overtime are not good for patients or caregivers. The Pallister government must be held accountable. They must halt this ill-conceived plan, and listen to front line experts providing care.”


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