Seven Oaks: First Notice of Phase II Changes

Publish date: Tuesday, August 21, 2018

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On Friday, August 17, MNU received notice from the employer about position deletions at Seven Oaks Hosptial. MNU responded the same day with the following letter to affected members. 

Dear members,

In May, the WRHA released their implementation plan for Phase II of their reorganization. Last Friday, we received the first official 90-day notice from the employer (required under Memorandum of Understanding #9 in your Collective Agreement) advising that Phase II will begin with the deletion of positions in Mental Health and Surgery at Seven Oaks. Information provided to MNU from Seven Oaks Hospital specifies the following:

“We have outlined the impacted areas below, accompanied by a brief description of the impact. We anticipate the changes will be implemented no sooner than November 30, 2018. Our current planning has targeted the changes resulting from the mental health consolidation for December 1, 2018. Our current planning has targeted the changes resulting from the surgery consolidation for January 11, 2019.

· Surgery Community Liaison Coordinator – Deletion”

· Mental Health – Outpatient Clinic – Closure

· Mental Health Geriatric 3U 10-12 – Closure and Transfer

· Adult Mental Health – Closure and Transfer

· Surgery 4U 1-5 – Closure and Transfer

· Surgery 4U 6-7 – Closure and Transfer

· Day Surgery – Closure and Transfer

· Preadmission Clinic – Closure and Transfer

· Post Anesthesia Care – Closure and Transfer

· Operating Room – Closure and Transfer

· Surgery Clinical Educators – Deletions

Affected nurses should anticipate individual communication from the employer beginning in mid to late September.

Per above, most changes will be considered program transfers so MNU members in those units will have the opportunity to decide if they wish to go with the program to the new facility, remain at the current facility and bump, or be laid off. Nurses in transferring programs will only receive a deletion notice if they choose not to transfer with the program.

MNU has repeatedly voiced our opposition to these system-wide changes. Phase I was rushed, chaotic, and in several areas resulted in serious disruption of both access to and quality of care that our patients receive. Many nurses in the WRHA continue to face overcrowding and unmanageable workloads, along with a heavy reliance on overtime to fill the staffing gaps created by the restructuring.

MNU will continue to lobby the government to reconsider these cuts and changes, at the very least to slow the process and consult meaningfully with frontline nurses. The WRHA’s Phase I evaluation specifically identified the need for improved communication and engagement with affected staff, and we will be looking for significant progress in this area.

MNU will continue to share information with affected nurses as soon as we have it. We will also work diligently to ensure that your rights are protected and the provisions of your collective agreement are fully enforced.

If you have questions or concerns, I strongly encourage you to connect with your ward representative or a member of your MNU Local 72 executive.

Thank you for your commitment to delivering the best possible care to your patients, even in these uncertain times.


Darlene Jackson
Manitoba Nurses Union


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