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This page is for MNU members who want to learn more about upcoming representation votes, and how to get involved.

In 2017, the Pallister government passed Bill 29, The Health Care Scetor Bargaining Review Act (HSBURA). The act will reduce the number of bargaining units in health care in Manitoba by forcing respresentation votes. It establishes a fixed number of bargaining units for each health region, and for each province-wide health employer, such as the newly created Shared Health. Each bargaining unit will represent defined job classifications, such as nursing.

This means that nurses will be required to vote for union representation. More details are explained in the FAQ below.

Check back to this page regularly for more news and updates.

Representation Votes FAQ

**Last updated April 26, 2019**

Click here for printable copies of our FAQ (8.5"x11")

Click here for the list of employers who are impacted by HSBURA.

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