MNU Votes: Provincial Election 2019

Premier Brian Pallister has called an early provincial election for September 10, 2019. This is over a year early according to fixed election date legislation, which prescribed October 6, 2020 as the next election date.


Nurses are the backbone of health care. We are the most trusted frontline experts, and we know what's best for our patients.

Because we're focused on delivering direct care at the bedside and in our communities, we may feel removed from the politics happening at the legislature. The truth is, what happens at the political level often has a direct effect on our work and on our patients. 

Provincial budgets, funding levels, and political decisions can dramatically impact how we do our jobs.

Nurses have seen health care thrown into chaos in recent years, due to some of the most significant cuts and closures in a generation. Patients have fewer options for care, and many nurses worry that someday, something will go wrong.

That's why MNU is encouraging all nurses to study the platforms of all political parties, and look carefully at each party's plans for health care. Then, on September 10th, we encourage all nurses to make their voices heard and VOTE HEALTH CARE at the ballot box.

MNU will be following the election closely and sharing key information for nurses to consider as Manitoba prepares to vote on September 10.

NURSES VOTE: Tips to be prepared

Are you eligible? To be eligible to vote in a provincial election, you must be:

  • A Canadian citizen
  • At least 18 years old
  • A resident of Manitoba for at least 6 months before the election

 Here's a few tips to ensure the process is easy as possible for you:

  1. Register to vote: Visit Elections Manitoba to search their online registry, and update your information if necessary.
  2. Vote Early: Don't wait for the long lineups on Election Day. Vote early by visiting an advance polling station.
  3. Bring ID: All voters are requried to bring one piece of government-issued photo ID or two pieces of non-photo ID to verify their identity. Click here for a list of acceptable ID.
  4. Read the MNU health care questionnaire:  All political parties make a lot of promises before election day. That's why MNU asked every major political party to answer a few questions about their plans for health care. Click here to read the responses.
  5. Research each political party: Before casting your ballot, familiarize yourself with what each political party stands for on key topics such as housing, job creation, climate change and other issues related to the social determinants of health. 
  6. Get to know your local candidates: Make sure you also know who your local candidates are. Click here for the Elections Manitoba constituency finder tool.

Election 2019 Vote Pledge

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