MNU Responds to WRHA Wait Times Increase & Workload Concerns

Publish date: Thursday, January 31, 2019

Health care

Put Patients First

The following statement was issued by MNU President Darlene Jackson in response to the December 2018 monthly increase to WRHA Emergency Department wait times and ongoing workload concerns:

“It’s disappointing that ED wait times are once again on the rise. Wait times have been higher ever since the WRHA implemented Phase I 15 months ago, in October 2017. If the plan was working, we should have seen wait times drop below what they were when the changes were implemented. Clearly, this ‘transformation’ is not having the intended effect.

To make matters worse, these changes are causing disruption throughout the system, including staff shortages, ICU bed closures, and concerning increases to workload and overtime. This is unsustainable and undermines quality patient care. It’s not fair to ask nurses and other front-line professionals to clean up the mess that this government has created. Instead of making excuses, the Pallister government and WRHA should acknowledge that these changes were rushed and done without adequate planning or consultation, and take nurses’ concerns seriously.”         


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