Workplace Health & Safety

Workplace Health & Safety

Health and Safety rights are legislated

Did you know that nurses have legislated rights when it comes to Workplace Safety and Health issues within their workplaces?

In fact, these rights are enshrined in the Workplace Safety and Health Act and Regulations and are among some of the strongest in the country. These rights cannot be tempered or reduced by employers because they are the laws of the province of Manitoba.

More importantly, no person or organization is exempt from the legislation.

SAFE Manitoba is an excellent resource for all health and safety concerns.

Know your rights

Four of the primary rights nurses (and all workers) have under the WSH Act are:

  • the right to know;
  • the right to participate;
  • the right to refuse; and
  • the right to be free of discriminatory action.

It’s the basis for duties and obligations of all parties when it comes to providing a safe workplace under the laws of Manitoba. Click the headings at right to explore more.



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