About MNU

About MNU

Protecting nurses and their role in health care

Founded by nurses, the Manitoba Nurses Union (MNU) is an active, member-driven organization dedicated to meeting the unique needs and interests of its members. First and foremost, the union enables members to voice their concerns on issues that affect their profession. In this regard, the primary roles of the MNU protect and support nurses through:

  • Labour Relations processes such as Collective Bargaining to establish wages, benefits and working conditions
  • Enforcing collective agreements and ensuring workplace standards are met
  • Organizing member-driven campaigns to improve working conditions and patient care  
  • Advocating for both nurses and their patients
  • Providing educational opportunities and resources for the membership
  • Engaging in public and governmental relations to protect and improve health care for nurses and patients
  • Since its inception, the MNU has fought many battles to earn significant gains for Manitoba nurses. Decades of hard work, perseverance and commitment has strengthened the role of Manitoba nurses within an increasingly complex health care delivery system.

Please explore this section of our site to learn more about our history, membership and organizational structure.

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